About Me

Hi. I was born in Gillingham, Kent (England) in 1970 and have been into music in a big way since I was about 10 years old (see the music and me page for more details).

I still live in the lovely county of Kent (I’m a proud “Man of Kent” if you were wondering!), am married and have a 23 year old son – yeah I started young!!

I work in the Financial Services industry in London but don’t like to talk about that much!

Aside from music I love watching most sport. I am an avid fan and season ticket holder at Gillingham FC for my sins and try to watch Kent play cricket as much as I can during the Summer months.

I’m partial to the odd pint of real ale or glass of red wine, which always tastes better if supped in good company and conversation.

Favourite band of all time is Metallica (again see the music and me page). I would struggle to pick a top 5 bands of all time but under Metallica would be bands such as Celtic Frost, Carcass, Minor Threat, Descendents, Cathedral, Obituary, Isis, Pelican, Melvins, Converge, Refused, Mastodon, Mogwai etc. Quite a mixed bag as you can see!

2 responses to “About Me

  1. Hey Jules,
    Brendan from Snake Charmer Coalition here. I’d love to send you an album to review if you’d be interested? It’s the brand new one from Connecticut’s Curse The Son. I have a feeling it’d be right up your alley. Let me know if you’re interested in hearing it, Thanks!!!

    • Hi Brendan. Apologies that it’s taken a while for me to reply. I’ve heard a bit of Curse The Sun before and liked it so would love to review the new album mate. I’ve been looking to start reviewing some albums on my blog so it will be a good place to start! Cheers. Jules

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